Various state police come up with creative warnings against Kiki challenge

Youths are going insane behind the Kiki challenge which is in incline all finished web. On the off chance that you have ran over a video were a man is jumping out of the moderate moving auto and moving other than the auto to the American rapper Drake’s most recent tune, ‘Kiki do you cherish me’ at that point it’s a similar purported Kiki challenge.

It was comic Shiggy who spread the pattern by posting the video on Instagram where he was seen moving to the melody. After which the pattern is otherwise called In My Feelings challenge or “doing the Shiggy”.

A few people endured, as the test turned out badly for them. That offered ascend to the security admonitions with respect to the test.

Alerts were issued by Police with rules.

As a piece of Tuesday thought, Delhi police encouraged individuals through Twitter, tweeting “Move on the floors, not on the streets! #KikiChallenge isn’t justified regardless of the good times. #InMyFeelings Keep #Delhi streets ok for all”. This was exceptionally innovative of them to address individuals by tweeting an imaginative with notice as an inscription.”

Delhi Police


Dance on the floors, not on the roads!
is not worth the fun. Keep roads safe for all.


In the meantime, even Uttar Pradesh police shared a video indicating what could happen if the test turns out badly.

They gave out message by tweeting, “Dear Parents, regardless of whether Kiki cherishes your youngster or not, we are certain you do! So please remain by your children in every one of the difficulties in life with the exception of #kikichallenge.”



Dear Parents, whether Kiki loves your child or not, we are sure you do! So please stand by your kids in all the challenges in life except .

By and by, there was a Facebook post by Jaipur police which had an extreme approach towards the test, still that approach was gotten well, taking a gander at the rate of difficulties turning out badly and individuals being endured without thinking about hazard over fun.

Prior, Mumbai police who are very revered for their tweets, likewise influenced a Twitter to post saying, “Halt from open irritation or acknowledge the cold hard truth!”

Mumbai Police


Not just a risk for you but your act can put life of others at risk too. Desist from public nuisance or face the music !

Aside from India, likewise the police offices in outside nations are persuaded to concoct such cautioning warnings.

More than observing how challenge is performed, now watchers are more keen on observing how it turns out badly. Indeed the test is increasing negative attention. Consequently in the event that you are thinking going for challenge and before you lose your life playing out this test, accept a suggestion from defenders who are attempting endeavors to mindful you. We should state that state police has done incredible occupation and they merit appreciation.


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